Security and Environment

We are living in a changing world that is constantly on the move. Thus, we are also moving, changing and developing in order to keep up with the world. Keeping this fact in mind, GISAN undertakes to respect our dear world, environment and fellow cohabitants.

We are aware of our responsibility for health, safety and environment. Therefore, we are currently applying the world’s highest standards for quality and safety in order to preserve cleanness of our seas and environment.

One of our essential policies is to spread awareness of the benefits of environmental management systems by training all our employees.

GISAN’s Safety and Environment Policy;

  •  To comply with the relevant international and local regulations, and to support them by internal standards if and when necessary.
  • To conduct training activities in order to ensure safety of our employees and the environment.
  • To observe all legal requirements in our field of activity with the participation of our employees taking human and environmental health issues into consideration,
  • To maintain a management system to ensure constant development of health, safety, environmental performance,
  • To work with minimum damage to human health and environment,
  • To treat waste matters, and to decrease them by implementing adequate policies,
  • To decrease use of environmental resources, and to ensure effective use of natural resources,
  • To work on various projects to make health, safety and environmental publications available in the shipyard and administrative buildings,
  • To make effective use of production resources by the methods of recycling and reuse,
  • To provide protective equipment and material to help protecting the health and safety of employees and preserving the environment, and to check adequate operation of such equipment and material.

GISAN supports protection of the environment through its policies and principles implemented in the production stage, and seeks to alleviate the effects of production processes on human health and the environment within the framework of today’s existing technological conditions.