Gisan Shipyard Human Resources; vision and mission in line with the business plans can provide significant support, quality production, quality employees with the belief that the principle of continuous development aims to work with people.

You can share your resume with us in the field below to be evaluated in vacant positions that can be opened in Gisan Shipyard.

As Gisan Shipyard, internal resources are prioritized in our recruitment process. In addition to internal resources, applications made through career portals and our website are considered. General Applications made on our website are recorded in our candidate database and evaluated for future positions. Candidates who are deemed appropriate between the applications received in line with the personnel needs and our Human Resources employees contact and the candidates are invited for an interview.

Various test and assessment tools are used for the technical knowledge and skills required by the position. As a result of the interviews, the recruitment process ends by offering job offers to candidates who are in line with the position requirements and corporate culture, who can add value to our company and support the achievement of our goals.

A planned promotion and orientation process is implemented in order to ensure that new employees are able to absorb Gisan Shipyard culture and corporate values ​​and adapt to their jobs.

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Gisan Shipyard always wants to involve talented people who are interested in design, new technology and want to be a part of the development of marine construction for the future.

As a constantly developing shipyard, we are always looking for valuable people to work with us. If you want to work with us and be a part of this family, you can send us the form below.

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