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You can get information about ship maintenance, repair, conversion and new shipbuilding by contacting us.

Ship Repair -Conversion – Maintance

Gisan Shipyard has 1 unit floating deck. Floating deck can give a services up to 9000 Lightship vessel.

Approximately, 500 vessels (General cargo, dredger, cement, bulk carrier, tankers, asphalt tankers, chemical tankers, tug boat, ferry boad, passenger, LPG) have been repaired & maintainced till that time.

Follow works can be perfomed in our floating deck and out pier.

Conversion work, steel renewal work, piping, propeller, rudder, shaft, hatch covers ventilation air condition, insultion, electric-electronic, painting, balasting, grit balasting design, stainless steel work, Aluminum works, tank coating, engine over hauling, carpenter works, stern tube, tank cleaning, steering gear, deck machinery repair, crane repair, cooler boiler repair/retubing, radio navigation repair, project consultancy, underwater services et…

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