Quality Management

“Total Quality Assurance” in produced goods and services is one of the most important tools of sustaining any company in a world economy that is in the process of transformation into one global market based on free competition.

With its “Total Quality Assurance”, our shipyard aims to organize all the stages influencing processes and production including contract, raw material, labor, and side industry in order to ensure maximum “Customer Satisfaction” by zero tolerance, cost effectiveness and no repetitions.

GISAN Shipyard undertakes to stick to the international quality policies applied in production and planning stages and to implement the followings in order to continue its businesses under ISO 9001:2015 certified by ABS Quality adopts.



  • To fulfill our promises to customers and to ensure customer satisfaction at all times without conceding on quality,
  • To improve our quality constantly by avoiding incidental occurrences through the quality management system,
  • To follow technological developments in shipbuilding industry, and to research and develop new materials to be included in our activities,
  • To monitor subcontractors constantly and to cooperate with them according to the principle: “The labor quality of our subcontractors is our quality”