About Us

The origins and development of the Gisan Shipyar is highly related to early growth of the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry. In 1960, Mehmet OYAR(Çanak) was foundted the small workshop in the shore of the Golden Horne where small ship repairshandled by himself and his employees. In 1982 all the activities were transferred to Tuzla.

65 units various type of new building ships were built and a great number of ships were repaired by Gisan Shipyard sine its foundation.

Gisan Shipyard facilities are capable of building commercial cargo ships, dry bulk carriers, chemical and product tankers up to 26.000 DWT also dregders, tug boats, ro ro passanger vessels. Gisan Shipyard floating dock is capable repairing of any type of vessels up to 8000 ton lightship capacity . Our Shipyard located on Tuzla. The shipyard encompasses acres of land 22.000 m2 covered areas and offers, steel processing capacity is 15.000 tons per year.

Our company’s main principle is quality with just in time its project to gain our customer satiscation.

Our Vision
To be an exemplary shipyard with high human moral integrity and know-how. Having an entrepreneur, contemporary and professional attitude, one which utilizes its resorces efficiently and offers high quality vessels to its customers.

Our Mission
To deliver our projects in due time and perfect condition, in order to meet the expectations of our customer with respect to technical and material aspects at the highest level.

Our Values

  • Reliability
  • Appraisal of our employess.
  • Basing decisions on knowledge and scientific methods.
  • To base on institutionalization in all fields and adoption of
  • Effective and efficient use of sources changes.
  • Observing quality in all its activities.
  • Promoting team-work.
  • Compliance with the rules of the class society, work discipline.
  • To be conscious with respect to environment and nature and the maritime traditions and commons.
  • To ensure customer stasfaction.
  • To be innovative and exploring

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